What Is A Wholesale Dropship Supplier?

The term “wholesale dropship supplier” can be defined as referring to an individual or a company that deals in supplying products to a consumer or a retailer without being involved in the actual storing or shipping of the products.

A wholesale dropship supplier hasĀ  UK Dropshipping direct contact with the manufacturers of these products. He or she will set up a website in which he will present him or herself as the owner of the products.

When anybody places an order for any of the products he is offering on the website, the supplier sends the order down to the manufacturer with the shipping address of the consumer of retailer. The manufacture then forwards the ordered goods directly to the consumer without passing through the wholesale supplier.

This absolves the supplier of any trouble of having to deal with storing or shipping. All he does is to subtract the money sent to the manufacturer from the one paid by the consumer and keep the difference.

Because of the ease that surrounds the business; many people had rushed into it. These new comers are very much intent on making as much profit as they can from the business. This had led to the proliferation of the business with phony individuals who do not mind swindling clients and keeping all their money without supplying the desired products to the clients.

The wholesale supplier can be linked to the well known affiliate marketer in a way. The difference between the two of them is that the affiliate marketer has to abide by the rules made by the company, while the dropship supplier is not following anybody’s rules. In affiliate marketing, it is the company that determines how much the affiliate marketer can make. But in dropshipping business the wholesale dropship supplier determines his or her own profit.


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