Mental Health of Our Youth

Perfect health is difficult to achieve. We all will experience symptoms of physical illness at some time. In our mature years we try to be responsible in avoiding disease and keeping an eye upon both our physical and mental health in order to avoid disease.

However, we must be aware that not only mature but young people suffer mental disease symptoms too. These usually become apparent in puberty but sometimes earlier indications are evident in infants.

Many thousands of young teenagers  drug rehab regularly enter the mental health system each year. The American system as those in many other countries is becoming over-taxed with teenagers suffering both brain and psychological problems often these are the direct result of previous drug abuse. Many children become ‘users’ before the age of twelve or thirteen.

Although drug rehabilitation centres do a great deal to help addicts, there is little faith that the present medical system is able to offer a reliable means of helping young people further. Many have been damaged to the extent that they require not only compassion and understanding, but a means of total readjustment of their psychological nature so that they can envisage an attractive future for themselves.

There are just too many young people who have trustingly entered the mental health system and never been discharged. As long as treatment methods focus upon chemicals and drug medications that provide temporary help for extreme symptoms but do not touch the core problems behind emotional and mental disturbances, they will not engender confidence in either the patients or the concerned public.

Disturbing cases have come at times before the public, of teenagers who have a drug problem entering the mental health system only to suffer extended hospital treatment but still on chemical drugs. Medical drugs are substituted for the previous ones. This type of situation can only increase the likelihood of eventual violence and suicide.

As parents we need to ensure that our young children are protected from the possibility of this happening and be vigilant regarding positive health disciplines in the home including diets that do not harm the brain and nervous system. We need to provide them with thoughts that help them to build their confidence in themselves and in the natural laws by which health is sustained, both on the physical and psychological fronts.

It takes just a little determination on the part of carers to ensure that a second opinion is sought before any medical treatment is considered for a child with symptoms of a mental problem. We also need to explore all the treatment options outside of medical drugs.

We must remain strong in retaining our role as guides to ensure that young people will become as eager to build and maintain their mental health as they are to undertake physical fitness and body sculpting programmes.

Sally Janssen is a writer and educator who from an early age trained in Raja Yoga–that branch of the ancient science that deals with the mind and its complexities. She subsequently gained an international reputation for her skills and her wisdom in the training of the mind.


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