Lifestyle choices

So there you have the three main reasons we are able to live the life of an artist. Discipline, perseverance and lifestyle choices are what give us the freedom to have this life.

We love that we can drive through the countryside on a beautiful weekday afternoon or take the kayaks down the river on a Wed morning, go work in the garden, explore abandoned structures, or sit and relax in front of the fire while everyone else is at work elsewhere.

But the focus and discipline is always present. Even as I write this article, my To Do list beckons me and I know I have relaxed long enough this morning. My coffee is gone, the dogs are waiting to be fed and yes, I am anxious to start accomplishing and crossing tasks off my list.

We have discovered that the idea of our life as fulltime working artists and its implied freedoms appeals to everyone we meet. The actual doing what it takes, often does not. But for those whose goals includes living as we do, there simply is nothing better than this life as a working artist!

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