Is Affiliate Marketing Now Dead As a Method Of Making Money on the Internet?

To some people, Affiliate Marketing is dead. Why do they say that? Well, many experienced (and lazy) Internet marketers used to make a lot of money, simply and easily with Affiliate Marketing. All they had to do 10 odd years ago, was stick up a site on the web, promoting some ‘get rich quick’ scheme, and many people simply bought into the hype, and consequently sales were plentiful.

It’s not the same these days. You can’t simply up a site and expect people to buy. People have become far more sceptical, and suspicious of the online snake oil salesperson. In the last few years, it has become all about proving that the product you are promoting is likely to solve the problem the prospect is looking to get solved. This now involves pre-selling, creating an empathy with the prospect, without the hard direct sell. These days you need to basically tell them a story, that they can relate to, and have a very subtle connection between the product you are selling or promoting and the story you are telling. Quality content that is both informative, as well as problem solving is the type of copy that is proving successful these days.

So, is Affiliate Marketing Dead? In short no, it isn’t. Affiliate Marketing covers such a wide and diverse range of products that it will never be dead. It may morph and change as the world comes out of recessionary times, but there will always be a need for people to promote other people’s products, in any which way they possibly can, and there will always be product owners looking for affiliates to promote their products.

Affiliate marketing is definitely very different than it was some 10 years ago, and no doubt it will be quite robottogel different in 10 years hence. The methods for affiliate marketers to succeed has changed as the Internet has changed, and as we move away from the non interactive websites of the past to more two way, interactive sites, where we all can have our 2 cents worth. And as the importance of social connections starts to have a real impact on the people and prospects we can interact with and reach out to, the ability to create solid wealth as an Affiliate Marketer are no less of an opportunity today than they were 10 years ago. We just need to be adaptive, and realise that the world is a much smaller place, and if we can tap into, or create a viral frenzy amongst the social networking scene, then as Affiliates, it is still possible to make an absolute fortune, and in a very much shorter time than previously.

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