Outstanding Tips For a Great Online Dating Profile

According to the statistics dated Jan 1, 2014, 54.2 million singles use online dating sites. Of those, 52.4% are males, and 47.6% are females. It is also said that 64% of those who use online dating sites say that common interests are the most important factor. These shared interests are communicated through your profile. Although the written section of your profile may not be the only determining factor as to why someone may respond to you, it is no doubt a significant contributor. This is why you should pay close attention to every detail that encompasses your online profile. People today, tend to scan online text until they find something interesting. It is at that point when they will read. As a former user of online dating sites, I would do exactly that. I’d look at the person’s photo, if I liked their pictures, I would take note of their age, status, location, education, and zodiac sign. I would then finish the profile review with reading their comments. Check the following list to see if your written profile measures up.

1) Profile Pictures – Your pictures should be crisp and clear. The background should not be distracting. Your presentation should be your “best” self whether in jeans and a nice shirt, or a beautiful dress or suit. A smile should always adorn your face. Ladies, please wear light makeup preferably applied by a professional and guys, a neat, clean-cut appearance. A bright smile and happy demeanor will always attract people to a profile. You should not have any other singular images on your profile but yourself (this includes, friends, relatives, pets, landscapes, cars, etc.). If you are posing with someone, kindly display no more than one photo. Again, all dating sites are about promoting yourself. Certainly, you should not wear any masks or frumpy clothes in any of the pictures you post to your profile. I also recommend that you give your potential mate a chance to see your figure without revealing too much or sending the wrong message. A single bathing suit shot would be nice but again, ladies classy yet elegant. Guys no Speedos. Make sure at least one of your pictures is a close-up with an excellent smile.

2) Your Profile – I think a good profile should be anywhere from 100 – 150 words. Some sites prefer 300 words. The key here is to add value to your profile with whatever amount of words you chose. If you tend to ramble, then less is more. Again, you are promoting yourself smartly to attract someone with a common interest. The opening of your profile should cause someone to want to keep reading it like a great novel. The following is my suggestion as to how you should NOT begin your profile:

I want…

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