Net Working for Community Fund Raising Events

Have you ever been to a community fund raising event and were under whelmed by the number of people that showed up and you consider that perhaps people don’t care? I think people do care, however they need to be invited to these events and that means you need to do a little extra networking danielstampa to get them there.

Net working for community fund raising event is not so difficult and if you have a committee with 10 people and want to organize a community fundraising event you may find that you can need to use your networking skills from the group to reach out and touch other people who indeed will reach out and touch others on top of that.

If your community fund raising event also has a silent auction and other types of things you can get people to donate their items for the silent auction and then give them a free ticket to the event. Once they are there are you might be able to sell the other things and get them to participate in the silent auction and perhaps buy something.

So what you have is someone who did donated a gift or a prize to be auctioned off who also brings their money to buy someone else’s gift that cost you nothing to get. All this can be done through networking in your community.

Consider if you will all the neighborhood watch groups, the service clubs, the chamber of commerce, the PTA, and all the clubs in your community. Invite them all and have them invite all their friends to. Please consider this in 2006 and vote for Lance.



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