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An article is a written content by a writer, also referred to as an Author. The writing can be on any particular field of interest.This could include; arts, business, internet marketing, language and communication, home management, personal development, insurance, exercise, education, leadership, the list is endless. The various categories are referred to as niche in the business circle,especially in internet marketing. Article writing can also be used to include products review, website review, affiliate program review etc.

Article marketing is the most popular and most effective method of advertising in use by most internet entrepreneurs today to increase their online presence. One of the advantage is that it cost nothing to start on article marketing. All that is required of you is to register and start publishing as many articles as you can.

The issue is that this free article submission websites have an indirect way of gaining from your content, article writing. They do this by monetizing their sites with pay per click promotions, such as AdSense on their sites. The issue is when people click on them, they get paid for AdSense that is placed on their website. AdSense works with keyword, based on the keywords used in your article a PPC company like AdSense which is owned by Google, will serve ads to your fully monetized websites. When visitors come to the article website to read contents, they may see relevant ads of interest to them and then click on it. In this way, and some other means of monetizing a website, the free article websites never charge authors for their contents and backlinks to their personal websites.

To become a good article writer, you need the knowledge of keywords. Keywords will allow your contents, articles, to show up in the search engines like Google, when people search for topics using various keywords, that is of interest to them. It is good that you do a lot of keyword research to be able to optimize your articles to enable them rank high in the search engine. It is worthy of note that for a single content they might be millions of articles on it, your knowledge of SEO, that is search engine optimization will enable your article to show up in first pages of the search engines when people search for them.

Free article websites where you can submit your articles for free are,, Goarticle, Searchwarp, Articledashboard, Articlefinder, ArticleBase, ehow, Sooperarticles, Snatcharticle, etc. The list is vast and numerous. You can use Google search engine to find out many other popular free article submission websites.

You will need to adhere to their policies in other to have maximum effect from your online content, articles, Duplication of other persons article is not allowed. You are not allowed to copy and submit another persons article for which you do not have the copy right. You can study articles and rewrite in your own personal language. Original contents is the masterkey to good and effective article marketing technique. The free article television submission sites do not allow you to promote yourselves in the article body. You are not allowed to include your personal URL of your website there. However you may include URL of a website you want to use as a reference, but not as a HTML format. The only place you are allowed to provide your personal information, is the space meant for the Authors biography.

In the Authors biography space provided in a section of the article writing you can use it to advertise your affiliate products websites, affiliate business opportunity websites, etc. This enables you to get backlinks to your websites, when people click on those links which are automatically embedded in your article contents. In this way, you increase your online presence, this enables you to make additional money online working from home on the internet, through affiliate programme promotion. It is noteworthy that the more quality traffic you get to your websites, affiliate links, the more the amount of money, you can make online working from the comfort of your home.

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