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now as well as the current job descriptions you are using for hiring. It is crucial that you have a handle on these aspects, and it is important to avoid basing these aspects on the needs you may have had five years ago. Also, you should determine whether your on-boarding plan is current and up-to-date. The actions you took during the last hiring bonanza are completely different from the actions that you need to take now. To illustrate this, think about purchasing a computer – if you are buying a computer to replace a machine that is 12 months old, you wouldn’t buy the same exact model; you would purchase a machine with the most up-to-date features and capabilities.

Securing talent is also critical for every organization. Make sure your team is happy, and take steps to ensure that they don’t feel overworked or put-upon. When you add new talent to your team, it can be tempting to give all of your attention, time and energy to the most recent hires. Instead, you should make a point to continue rewarding the people who have been with you from the outset. The market can change, and new opportunities often arise, which means that your work force will be presented with the options of trying to find greener pastures elsewhere. On a recent episode of a popular TV newsmagazine, a story explored the new demographic of people in search of employment. The story revealed that many advertised job openings request that only people who are currently employed should apply. The piece made it clear that companies really aren’t interested in people who have been unemployed. The point is that if you run a business, you need to understand that other companies are actively pursuing the talent that you have on your team currently. That’s why it is vital to make sure your workforce is productive, happy and engaged.
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