Ten of the Best Things to Do in Alexandria

Alexandria, Virginia is a city filled with history. It’s been visited by presidents, politicians, and celebrities for nearly 200 years, and is a easily one of the must-see places for any visitor to Virginia. But what are the best things to do in Alexandria? Here’s a list of them.

Shop Old Town Alexandria

Alexandria as a whole is home to plenty of shopping opportunities, but Old Town has boutique shops that are sure to house treasures that you didn’t even know you wanted.

Eat Out

There are so many restaurants in the Alexandria area that it can actually be a bit Town Alexandria executive suites overwhelming. The best option is to pick an area and choose from what’s available there. Old Town is popular for its wide variety of options, many of which have outdoor dining available on nice days.

Bike the Mount Vernon Trail

Running from DC to Mount Vernon and passing through Old Town Alexandria, this is perfect for the bike enthusiast that also wants to do some site seeing while getting their exercise.

Visit the George Washington Masonic Memorial

If you’re heading to Old Town Alexandria it’s hard to miss this structure. Fashioned after the Lighthouse of Alexandria, the building is a memorial to the first president who was himself a mason. Tours are available to anybody wanting to see the inside of the memorial.

Fort Ward Museum & Historic Park

One of the larger forts built to defend DC during the Civil War, most of the fort is still intact, making it a must see location for Civil War history buffs.

Visit the Torpedo Factory Art Center

Located on the waterfront of the Potomac River, this art center is home to 82 artists’ studios, 6 galleries, and roughly 165 professional visual artists. Any lover of the arts would be making a big mistake by not stopping by to check out what’s being created.

Visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s Pope-Leighey House

Commissioned by journalist Loren Pope and eventually sold to Robert Leighey, this Frank Lloyd Wright designed personal residence was lived in as recently as 1983 but is now available as a historical site that can be visited by architecture and Wright enthusiasts alike.

Visit the Gadsby’s Tavern Museum

A favored stopping spot for several of the founding fathers, it’s now been turned into a Museum that offers tours and reenactments where visitors can see what the tavern was probably like in the mid to late 18th century.

Visit the Alexandria Archaeology Museum

Stop in to see how archaeologists, volunteers, and students work to preserve and find the history of Alexandria and the surrounding areas. Hands on work can also be found for anybody that’s wanted indulge their inner Indiana Jones.

Take the Metro into DC

With Alexandria being so close to Washington DC it would be almost criminal not to take the Metro into the nation’s capital. The King Street Metro Station services the Blue and Yellow Lines, both of which can take you right into the heart of the city and all of the shopping, site seeing, and dining available therein.

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