Outlook Calendar Tip


The accompanying applies to Outlook 2003 albeit this strategy will work for Outlook 2007 also.

This technique additionally accepts that you have Microsoft Excel introduced and that you have made a custom schedule in Outlook.

Issue: If you import a schedule document (vcs or ical) into Outlook, naturally the things will be brought into your Outlook default schedule.

However, we should accept you have made a custom schedule (for this model we’ll call it Sports) and you need to import group plans into your custom Sports schedule.

Arrangement: Drag and Drop from your default schedule

You could bring the things into your default schedule at that point intuitive them into your Sports schedule.

Anyway this can get dreary when managing countless things across a wide range of dates.

Substitute Solution: Import and Export through Excel

1. Make another Outlook profile (Control Panel>Mail>Show Profiles>Add>create your new profile and you can place in a genuine email address or simply a phony one as just the schedule will be utilized)

2: Change Outlook to provoke for a profile when firing up (Control Panel>Mail>Show Profiles>Prompt for a profile to be utilized)

This will take into consideration brisk checking of schedules between various profiles

3. Start Outlook and when incited, select the new profile that you made

4. Import the schedule document into Outlook (File>Import and Export>Import an iCalendar or vCalendar (.vcs) file>browse to the schedule record you need to import, feature and snap OK).

Open the schedule and check that all the things were imported effectively

5. Fare the schedule record (File>Import and Export>Export to a file>Microsoft Excel>Calendar>Give the document a name and ensure it’s saved as an Excel document with the .xls record expansion)

6. A window will open that prompts you to choose the date reach to trade. Ensure the start and finishing dates catch all the things that you need to trade

7. Close Outlook

8. Open Outlook and when provoked pick your unique profile (NOT the upgraded one you just made)

9. Import the Excel record (File>Import and Export>Import from another program or file>Microsoft Excel>browse to the Excel document you just made, feature and snap OK.

At the point when you see “Select objective envelope” select your Sports schedule)

10. Snap Finish and you’re finished


Change Outlook back to open your unique profile naturally (Control Panel>Mail>Show Profiles>Always utilize this profile>select your unique profile and snap OK).

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