Getting Traffic to Your Site – The Simple Rule

The name of the article says it all, everyone struggles to get it, for ways to get traffic, whatever kind of traffic it may be, free or paid, hopefully this article gives people who are new to internet marketing a little bit of help on to get traffic to your site or to get more traffic to your blog. many people ask how to get traffic. Lets start of with what it is.

What is it?

It is the most important component in the world of internet marketing,without the right traffic coming to your website or blog your going to fail. If you’re trying to make money from home by using a website or blog, you need to either get free traffic to your website or get paid traffic. Here it is broken down for your THE MORE YOU GET = THE MORE YOU GET PAID. It’s that simple, traffic equals money, you want traffic that not only converts into a lead, but we also want to convert the leads into buyers. That is how you get paid, so obviously you want to trabajo  get more traffic to your blog, or get traffic to your website. Now traffic is broken down into two parts.

The two types of which you can use to get more traffic to your blog.

Free – Get free traffic to website through using article marketing, press releases, blogging, social media & video, these are the best ways to get free traffic without paying any money at all, great for if your on a tight budget. Facebook and YouTube have the biggest sources of traffic on the internet, think about it 500 MILLION PEOPLE are signed up to Facebook, imagine if you could get traffic to your blog or get traffic to your website by using Facebook. I suggest either creating a group page on Facebook outlining what your site is about and leaving a link to it so the members can click on it and there you will get free traffic to your website. Another way is to get traffic from twitter, again so many people use twitter and it would be and excellent way to get more traffic to your blog. These are just a few ways on how to get free traffic.

Paid – Get paid traffic to your blog or website, paid traffic can get more traffic to your blog then free traffic and should definitely be considered to get traffic to your site. Examples include purchasing ad space on a website that pertains to a similar topic(s), where your capture page relates to the messages coming before that page, pay per click advertising, cost per action networks, and more.

There are many ways to get it, TRAFFIC is the most important factor in internet marketing, with little or no traffic, you don’t stand a chance of earning any money online what so ever. You need to get traffic so that visitors know that your website or blog is live on the internet, acquiring traffic is a difficult task.

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