I run across people every week who are looking for ways to earn

I run across people every week who are looking for ways to earn money from home working in freelance writing and editing. Whether online or offline in the real world, it seems that today’s economy has got people looking outside the box for ways to earn a little extra cash to make ends meets.

The problem or obstacle that most face is their unwillingness to invest anything into their freelance efforts other than time. You see, most folks want to have access to the best freelance writing jobs, but they don’t want to pay to see them. As someone who hires out most of my content creation and editing these days, I have seen both sides.

Think about this: if you are looking for a traditional job, you have to pay for the newspaper that lists current openings right? It’s not like you are offered the paper for free, any more than the employers are able to list their openings without a cost. Both parties pay a fee to be put together. The same goes for decent and honest freelance writing opportunities.

The reason for this is simple: The business that wants your help is willing to pay a service to list their available job. In turn, the service charges you, the freelancer a fee to get a look at, and apply to fulfill the order. The fact that both you and the employer are paying to use the service, helps to increase the level of quality on both sides.

If the business pays to list their freelance cash jobs, you must pay to get access to them. This ensures quality and seriousness all the way around. Remember, anything that is free is taken for granted or taken advantage of.

Trust me when I tell you there are any number of places where I, as a business operator, can go to get low-quality articles written for $1.50 for 500 words. These sites cost me nothing to have access to the writers and post my jobs. The problem is that I get what I pay for and the quality is definitely not top notch.

However, there are also services I use that charge me a fee to list my job, and in return, I expect to get higher quality work accomplished, and I do. If you want to freelance for me, you will have to pay in order to see my job orders as well.

Just remember that anything worth doing is worth investing in, and the same goes for freelancing for extra money.

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