Workplace Hazards Or Environments Create Pre-Existing Conditions

The economy is facing continued challenges from recessionary periods and enormous unemployment. However, while many Americans are facing economic challenges, an additional challenge being confronted in various avenues is a pre-existing condition. In other words, while pre-existing conditions are preventable or uncontrollable, preventable pre-existing conditions from workplace hazards and conditions such as carcinogen liquids or surrounding environments contribute toward pre-existing conditions, which unfortunately create financial westernbranchchiropractor health hazards. In addition, since a limited guardian workforce such as Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is in existence where presence is known from major catastrophes, companies use at-will cancer philosophies knowing of a limited guardian workforce. In essence, workplace hazards or conditions contribute to pre-existing conditions or unfortunate shortened life spans. Furthermore, creating shortened life spans from workplace environments is not a solution toward creating or maintaining career opportunities from shortened life spans.

For instance, Stanley Ann Dunham, Ph.D., the mother of the Honorable President Barack Obama, endured many cultural diversities and workplace environments. As stated by Ripley (2008), “Her anthropological research into how real people worked helped inform the policies set by the Bank Rakyat Indonesia.” Unfortunately, life’s challenges can transform environments such as cancer into pre-existing conditions. Furthermore, when life challenges or medical conditions occur, pre-existing conditions will follow from industry standards. In other words, although health insurance was present, the current medical diagnosis or condition is invalid for insurance purposes and considered a pre-exsiting conditions. Furthermore, Stanley Ann Dunham, Ph.D. should have known about work environments or conditions, which may contribute to the diagnosed condition.

Unfortunately, individuals are not always properly informed of workplace hazards, conditions, chemicals, or environments, which contribute toward pre-existing conditions. Furthermore, only in America when individuals attempt toward preventing pre-existing conditions and protecting individual health and safety are individuals reprimanded or discharged for protecting individual health regardless of health and safety protected individual rights. In addition, although an individual may have health insurance, the insurance company may choose not to honor the claim regardless of the insurance. In other words, the insurance company is stating that individuals must bear responsibility for being in an unhealthy environment and should have known of the environment. Regrettably, when companies or working environments do not discuss health and safety environments, then pre-existing conditions will follow from the unhealthy environment.

Similarly and as a classic example of workplace conditions create pre-existing conditions combined with company retaliation is the incident of Vidal Rodriguez and other employees at Pymm Thermometer Company (PTC). For instance, employees at PTC encountered health conditions from mercury vapor poising, which included retaliation for protecting individual lives. In any event, PTC manufactures thermometers for clinical use. In addition, the company occupies two floors of the same building, in which manufacturing thermometers are on the second floor whereas service equipment repair and services is on the ground floor. However, whereas employees, being primarily Hispanic workers, performed respective work duties, employees are additionally exposed to mercury poisoning. In other words, long-term exposure from mercury chemicals created various mercury-exposure health effects. Furthermore, since language barriers contribute to ineffective health and safety communication and discussing health concerns creates fear of retaliation, then long-term pre-existing conditions will occur resulting from inefficient health and safety practices. In essence, although employees desire a healthful and safe working environment, the existing working environment created individual mercury contamination. However, if safety measure were implemented, then Rodriguez and other could have a longer life span.

Nonetheless, Rodriguez’s working environment provided by upper management contributed to Rodriguez’s mercury contamination. Furthermore, although Rodriguez sought medical compensation, seeking medical compensation created grounds for termination. In essence, retaliation is retaliation. In other words, preventing mercury poisoning is preventing pre-existing conditions. However, when Rodriguez sought further health-care prevention or health-care safety, PTC sought termination resulting from health-care prevention. Nevertheless, creating pre-existing conditions, shortened life spans, or other company calamities should not be a method towards job creation.

Yet, in another twist of workplace hazards created from a stressful environment and now in an unfortunate long-term pre-existing condition is that of co-worker Mario Alberto Garay. Mr. Garay was employed at Remec Defense and Space, which is currently Cobham, who worked as an Electronics Technician during unusual working hours. In other words, Mr. Garay’s working hours included early morning or past midnight work related activities. Unfortunately, unusual working hours can lead to an assortment of ailments, which appear ignored through non-communication. Furthermore, when compounding the unusual working environment with unrealistic supervisors then stresses will occur. Unfortunately, Mr Garay lost 90 years of quality life resulting from REMEC Defense & Space work activities. Furthermore, Mr. Garay did not sign an employment agreement, which provides company stresses and a shortened life span from associated working environments. However, providing an alternative or first-shift operation, then Mr. Garray’s night-shift stresses could be minimized.

Thus, although Mr. Garay was working unusual shifts through early morning hours, Mr. Garay was additionally battling unusual work shift side effects associated with abnormal working hours. In essence, REMEC Defense and Space or Cobham continuously violated Mr. Garay’s protected health and safety through ignoring side effects of unusual working conditions. In the mean time, depression and stress have taken a turn for the worse where Mr. Garay passed away on April 7, 2007. In other words, work-related stress cancer from REMEC Defense and Space or Cobham contributed to Mr. Garay’s shortened life span creating long-term pre-existing conditions or unfortunate job opportunities. In essence, unusual working conditions, stresses, fatigue, and a variety of effects from the unusual working conditions contributed to Mr. Garay’s shortened and preventable life span. However, providing normal shift-work hours can prevent stresses and improve a quality-family lifestyle.

Night-shift fatigue syndromes, depression, or related scenarios have been studied and reported from various organizations. Furthermore, organizations such as Circadian conduct numerous seminars to organizations, which will improve quality of life through better awareness. Unfortunately, incidences of Mr. Garay and many others are being ignored by respective attorney’s, employers, or unforeseen individuals through lack of accountability, misinformed communication, and disregarded expert opinions. Unfortunately, fatigued and depression characteristics were ignored by REMEC Defense and Space. In essence, workplace conditions or environments create long-term and undesired pre-existing conditions. As stated by Penso (2007), “Complaints from guards began rolling in and the list was endless. In addition to the health problems, the fatigue affected their performance in a gradual and transitory way.” Furthermore, fatigued symptoms from unusual working conditions created irritability amongst the workforce. Therefore, the unusual working conditions from shift work disorder (SWD) created misery and fatigued symptoms, which developed a shortened life span or long-term pre-existing condition for Mr. Garay.



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