Aerovironment to Begin Making a Battery Charging Innovation

Aerovironment is a company that has specialized in the development and manufacture of unmanned aircraft systems as well as efficient energy storage systems. In 2007, the company was granted a United States patent for a battery-charging technology that would allow simultaneous (parallel) charging of multiple batteries. The new charging technology would allow the company’s customers to use new types of power controllers and distribution to send the correct flow of energy to each battery type based on its own unique needs. This concept would then allow for industrial or on-road electrical vehicle applications.

The fast charge systems, both the PosiCharge Dual Vehicle System and the Multi-vehicle system, will make use of the parallel charging technology to be both more cost effective and productive in comparison to traditional battery charging types. These rapid charging systems allow not only for faster charge times of the vehicles but can reduce the need for additional electrical infrastructure as well.

Posicharge Dual vehicle battery charging system is designed so that the battery does not have to come out of the vehicle and its regular charging can be done during off use times so there is no interruption in work flow for charging. Because the battery is receiving a customizable charge each time, its useful life can be extended, saving the company money in replacement costs. Not having to stop work flow for battery charges increases productivity while the technology that is used increases worker safety and work site cleanliness. PosiCharge is a division of Aerovironment Inc.

The innovation is a good one on a number of levels. First, it addresses the need for increased safety when handling charging and batteries. Second, it addresses the need to keep productivity and work flow up for the average business. Third, it addresses the longevity of the average battery type, which is greatly decreased by the average charge cycle. Fourth, it addresses the need to customize the charge that is used for each battery based on its individual need. Finally, it addresses the needs to charge several batteries at different levels at the same time. Considering the expense of most battery types, anything that can extend its life even by ten charge-discharge cycles is a considerable improvement over the alternative need of having to continually buy new batteries at a continually growing expense. More importantly, the technology allows the battery to remain in place without it having to be handled and moved to be charged, increasing worker safety.

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