World wide USA Data from Google

Corona virus or Covid-19. Absence of effective eradication methods

at the appropriate time caused it. This virus threat is spreading fast.

Preventive betrouwbare corona testen methods are resorted to like, no hand shaking, washing hands

frequently, cleaning all the surfaces in the kitchen, all door knobs, steering

wheels, car door knobs, windshields, glass surfaces, and car seat belts.

Masks were used when speaking, sneezing, yawning, laughing, etc.,

Other methods to prevent the virus spread cancelling all gatherings of prayer, sports,

entertainment and travel groups. What is safe for the moment is isolation

of individuals preferably.

This Covid-19 virus disrupted normal routine of the living world population

from the end of February 2020. Its grip is relentless and ongoing. Modern

science was able to observe in patients the inflammation of lungs through the CT-

scans how it affects elderly people over sixty plus. Their lung inflammations

start as tiny plaques and grow soon to become large and prevent

access to the oxygen absorbing sites effectively. Heavy troubled breathing

ends in demise.

These do not stop with elderly alone. Even young with low immunity who are

susceptible to it fall. At present the medical field appears to be a large

group of sitting ducks allowing unexpected rampage in loss of humans

already. Desperately accelerated efforts are made to contain this pandemic

virus. Even the watch dogs of country’s health are at a loss to act sooner.

The details of rampage as of 04/04/2020 for the world and U.S.A are here.


World wide USA Data from Google

Confirmed 1, 140, 327 288, 923

Recovered 233, 930 9,920

Deaths 60, 887 7,158

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