Dubai – The Perfect Destination For Travelers

It is summer and you are planning for your perfect vacation since almost a year. You have saved up enough cash, but with the economic recession, you must be finding it hard to travel with frills. What you need is a perfect, summer getaway with sun, sand, beach along with world class shopping and five star dining and that too through a highly affordable package. What you need is travelling to Dubai, not only is it great fun but the attractions are innumerable. Ranging from scuba diving to visiting museums, desert safari to shopping the in best malls, seo dubai Dubai has it all. If you are travelling with children you will find many attractions to pacify their excitement craving streak as well as your own.

Dubai is famous for shopping. So much so, that even the celebrities from Hollywood, prefer a touchdown in the great Arab city. There is the world famous Dubai Shopping Festival which attracts around 3.3. million visitors from all over the world and the number just keeps rising and rising with each passing year. In case you are thinking that taking children along is a bad idea then you are definitely mistaken, it is an enormous hit with the families because there are fun filled activities for the children. For adults, tax- free shopping is a lucrative deal and there are many exciting prizes to be won every day. These prizes vary from luxury cars to winning cash prizes. If you are going at a time when you have missed out the Dubai Shopping Festival you can most bask in the comforting glory of the Gold souk and let your eyes absorb all the man made wonders. Not only is it the best place to purchase gold of very good quality, you can also find myriad designs. The quality control is monitored by the UAE government. Here, you will find gold but platinum, diamonds and silver as well.

Shopping is a high on its own. Retail therapy is a wonderful thing, after that in order to strike an internal balance you might want to escape from the thronging crowds. The best solution would be to get away from the city into the desert on a camel or jeep safari, the ride can be of your choice depending upon how adventurous you feel at that particular moment. You choose from a range of activities, the most popular ones are sand skiing, dune or wadi driving. The experience will culminate with a desert, nocturnal picnic feast. The desert picnic feast involves eating as the night breeze caresses your cheek, under that star spangled sky, you will be served roasted lamb fresh of the fire and hubble bubble pipe. This makes the event, a rather exciting yet romantic one.

For those of you who want to keep their children entertained, you might want to see some exciting adventure parks. You can start out with Dubai Wonderland where you will find from relaxing to adrenaline pumping rides, to Wild Wadi, this is a popular water park situated near Jumeira Beach. Going to Wild Wadi, means spending your whole day there, so be prepared for a crazy, fun filled day. There is also the Magic Planet which is a huge attraction for the kids.



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