A Brief Description Of Chesapeake, Virginia

Chesapeake, Virginia, is an extraordinarily diverse community. Located in eastern Virginia, Chesapeake combines both a significant urban area with protected forest and wetlands, including a very large portion of the Great Dismal Swamp. In terms of population, Chesapeake is the third largest city in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The population of Chesapeake is about 221,000 today and growing.

Chesapeake actually is made up of a number of culturally and historically distinct districts. As a result, Chesapeake is an interesting community with diverse cultural, recreational and entertainment offerings and opportunities.

Recreational options in Chesapeake include many activities that are participated in out of doors. As referenced, a significant portion of the city permanently is protected forest and wetlands. These areas are enjoyed regularly by residents and visitors to the community alike.

Shopping, dining and entertainment venues abound in Chesapeake. In addition to nationally known restaurant chains and stores, each of the individual “districts” in the city have their own unique and independently owned shops and bistros. These establishments lend a truly unique and enjoyable flare to the community.

Perhaps because of all the nature preserves present in the community, men and women tend to take a keen interest in their health and appearance. Therefore, a significant percentage of the population find themselves interested in such self improvement procedures including medical lasers, dermatologic injectibles, oculo-plastic surgery and other treatments and therapies. An individual interested in such things as lasers,Chesapeake Chiropractor dermatologic injectibles and oculo-plastic surgery does not have to venture from Chesapeake in order to obtain these services. Indeed, treatments and procedures that include lasers, dermatologic injectibles, oculo-plastic surgery all are readily available right in Chesapeake today.

Major points of interest in Chesapeake include: Chesapeake Arboretum, Chesapeake and Albemarle Canal and the Dismal Swamp Canal (and the Great Dismal Swamp itself). Tourists to the Commonwealth regularly are making Chesapeake a stopping point in their visit to the area. Nice hotels and lovely bed and breakfast inns provide marvelous accommodations to tourists who alight in the community.

Virginia Beach is located a short drive east of Chesapeake and is one of the best loved shorelines in all of the United States. People from all walks of life congregate on the shores of Virginia Beach to enjoy the pleasantries that the venue has to offer. In addition, Chesapeake is located in close proximity to other historic sites and points of interest. It is a wonderful place from which a person interested in taking in the eastern region of Virginia can make a focal point for a wonderful adventure.

Chesapeake is home to a variety of different individual neighborhood communities. A good share of the real estate in the community is considered most affordable and is focused on families, including young and growing families. Chesapeake has a highly regarded school system. The crime rate in the city is one of the lowest in the Commonwealth, making it a safe place to raise a family in the 21st century. A notable number of families are relocating to Chesapeake for these very reasons.

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