Being Muslim in Modern Day America

slamic nation. Actually, I’ve heard my decent amounts of “Is that a cushion case on your head?” to “Are you wearing a bomb tied under your dress?” If anything can be said about Muslims, I should know the significance of the plays on words.

The obliviousness of some non-Muslims is normal generally, that doesn’t mean it gets any simpler each opportunity they come at us. It is intense in light of the fact that we have communication with them each and every day: work, school, transport, shopping and planes. They view at our traditions as unfamiliar and not American. At the point when we take a gander at ourselves and see nothing amiss with our traditions. We take a gander at their traditions and see logical inconsistencies constantly.

Take American TV for instance. On the off chance that you could portray mainstream American transmissions in a couple of words it would be sex, cash, youth and homosexuality. The most famous shows in the U.S. have one of these qualities or every one of the four. That is not what the good book lectures and it’s very not what our book instructs. However it’s still here and well known to numerous Americans…including me. On the off chance that this is the thing that individuals are seeing and being taken care of since birth-regardless of what religion or foundation this is the thing that they will wind up participating in as they become more seasoned. How might you be an all out Muslim on the off chance that you have grown up here in America? It isn’t inconceivable yet deceptive. At the point when I state misdirecting, there will be numerous upon numerous deterrents, tremendous dividers and tight boundaries that you should get by to hold consistent with the Islamic traditions. It is conceivable to adjust to the American ways while as yet captivating in Islamic custom. Sort of like take the great and leave the terrible.

Has any individual who lives in America ever considered how we felt as peaceful Muslims living on unfamiliar domain? Has anybody ever asked themselves: how do Muslims in America who are not of the Middle Eastern plunge feel about all that is going on?

You have been warmly welcome to take a look inside the life of an African-American Muslim female. One of which who battles ordinarily with her personality between being a solid Muslim who invests every one of her amounts of energy into living here just for the following daily routine as opposed to experiencing the American long for wealth and glitz.

You may think we live typical lives…you have no clue. Consistently we endeavor to do somewhat more than we did the earlier day. Ask somewhat more. Give somewhat more. Cuss somewhat less. We are continually attempting to please and carry on with our lives for humankind’s maker. Lamentably, we are as yet human and we have human desires much the same as every other person. Try not to think since we do what we do regular doesn’t mean we dislike the rest. We likely share more for all intents and purpose with non-Muslims than you might suspect.

Human attributes: lying, cheating, taking, sex, infidelity, begrudge, desire, love and disdain. Everything that we have done and you have also. Our cognizant is likely on the barrage while we are doing these things since we realize we will get taken care of for it either here or in the hereafter however it was as yet done by our own freewill.

So here’s the central issue: Why is it so difficult to be a decent Muslim when you ended up living in a non-Islamic nation? There are a couple of reasons.

1. Naturally introduced to a Non-Muslim Society

I was brought into the world in Detroit, Michigan. My mom was not Muslim nor was she Christian. My dad was a Mason and both never wedded. I don’t recall quite a bit of my life before I got Muslim however I got the inclination that it wasn’t what you would call a Muslim family unit. Around the age of six, my mom chose to change over to Islam with her three youngsters. At the point when I was growing up we had non-Muslim relative collaboration, we had non-Muslim kids coming to play with us, neighbors, supermarket assistants and the rest. Despite the fact that, we went to Jumah petition each Friday, just a single outing of the week we got collaboration with different Muslims exclusively. The remainder of the six days it was my kin and I against the unfamiliar world. My mother ingrained certain Islamic characteristics for the duration of the day however after that we proceeded to watch non-Muslims on TV. Every one of these commercials penetrated our wipe like personalities and molded who a large number of us Muslims are today. We may not concur with it yet it had some impact on who we are in Islam.

2. Muslims Spend A ton of Time With Non-Muslims

I used to work a regular work. It was 44 hours out of each week. I was a director at Walgreens Pharmacy. I spent somewhere in the range of 8 to 10 hours out of each day there. I dozed 8 hours out of every day and required an hour complete to get to and from work. That left me around 5 to 7 hours of personal time during those five days every week. Most of my conscious time had been spent grinding away, working and coordinating with my non-Muslim associates. How can that cause an individual to believe to invest most of their energy working and hobnobbing with individuals who share nothing for all intents and purpose with you? Furthermore, in light of the fact that you’re the minority you attempt your hardest to be less similar to a Muslim and more like them because of the pressing factors of “fitting in”. They work and invest energy with one another, for what reason doesn’t a Muslim get that equivalent sensation of solidarity in the work environment? For what reason wouldn’t i be able to pull another Muslim specialist and state, “hello, we should go ask on our mid-day break?”

3. Needing to Imitate to Fit In With the Rest

This concurs with the top model. We accept that in the event that we fit in, it would be a great deal

simpler for us. In any case, in actuality we truly lose our character. We are Muslim since we need to be. Nobody constrained us to be like this. You don’t need to act like a Muslim. In any case, on the off chance that that is the situation, why do you guarantee it? I see the little Muslim teenagers on their approach to class and rather than them wearing the Islamic wrap they look much the same as the remainder of the children. What’s more, it harms me since they don’t dress this route at home or before their folks yet want to be acknowledged by the rest. Youngsters don’t have a clue about the ramifications of not rehearsing their religion at a youthful age. For them not to wear Islam like a glad symbol of honor is a disfavor. The objective isn’t to isolate Muslims totally from others or religions yet to fortify the religion for the duration of the day by being around different Muslims. Nobody needs to feel like an outcast.

Being a Muslim is something extraordinary for me since I approach such countless clever individuals of a wide range of foundations. They come from varying backgrounds and variety energizes me as it does others that endeavor to be a balanced person. Remaining consistent with ones religion achieves pride and a feeling of prosperity like no other. We as a whole need to have a place with somebody; something and with Islam I can say that we as a whole vibe this route about our religion. Regardless of what circumstance we are in that perhaps un-Islamic or the number of death dangers, bizarre looks or chuckles we will remain steadfast in light of the fact that the lone substance that we should please is God.

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