Handpresso Domepod is the Ultimate Portable Espresso Maker

Looking for a portable travel espresso maker? We have found the ultimate machine? The Handpresso Domepod portable espresso maker is the product for you. This rugged travel espresso machine gives you everything you need when it comes to making a terrific espresso drink on the go. This article will go over the many advantages the Handpresso has to offer.

One more great advantage this amazing espresso machine has is that it is super easy to clean up. After you are done using the Handpresso Domepod Portable Espresso Maker, clean up is a breeze. To clean the device all you need to do is remove the brewing components and just give it a simple rinse with water and you are all set to brew another great tasting cup of coffee.

Besides being able to take this machine just about anywhere, this portable espresso maker allows you to make your own blend of coffee. You can make the espresso the way you like it. This portable espresso machine is also very user friendly. It brews coffee with 16 bars of pressure ensuring perfect coffee extraction. All you need to do is fill the basket with your favorite blend of coffee and add it to hot water to make the best fresh tasting coffee on the go.

This portable espresso machine allows you to make espresso anywhere you choose provided hot water is available. Some people choose a small thermos to carry the hot water. You can pull it out at a gathering and make the coffee of your choice using coffee grounds. You can take it with you on those long business trips or even carry it to work and use it on your coffee break. You can also share it with your coworkers and let them have a little taste of heaven. This Handpresso Domepod Espresso Maker will turn you into the best host or hostess at work or at play.

Finally the design of the Handpresso Domepod Portable Espresso Maker is another great advantage. This compact espresso maker has a sleek and stylish design. It only weighs a little over two pounds, making it easy to fit in places such as your purse or briefcase. It is the perfect tool for people on the go who have a love for fresh coffee.


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