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The main quality expected from a Webmaster is the effective use of time and energy while using skill to the maximum. They have gained popularity with the onset of an online revolution where everybody is opening online ventures. Though the requirement of a Webmaster is next to zero in personal blogs or small WebPages, the big online ventures can’t be thought without these skilled personnel. The duty of a Webmaster is rather a complex one. It requires a lot of patience in creating pages one by one and then integrating them to make something really big and beautiful.

One of the main duties justmyfitness includes the interaction with the client. Before initializing the work for website setup information regarding the requirements of a client need to be available. Along with this, a Webmaster requires is the graphical requirement of that website, the engineering intricacies and the overall organization. If the Webmaster is clear with the concepts then only he can take over the responsibility of segregating the team members with different duties.

The responsibility does not end here. He has to get involved in each of the above stated functions. Even though the team members execute their duties, being more skilled and creative he can put in his ideas and experience to make the website more powerful. For all this he has to have a proper knowledge of various aspects of web designing, engineering, special effects and other computer languages. An expertise in programming is a must.

The last and the most important duty of a Webmaster is making the website available online. This is even more important than the overall construction. A proper server which can handle a flawless running of website is set up. All the finishing touches have to be given by the team leader himself. After he is done, he has a major responsibility of looking over the functioning of the site or in other words the site maintenance. Analysis of log files on the web has to be regularly done. Information has to be collected regarding the visitors on the website. All this information helps the Webmaster to make appropriate changes to his constructed website. The proper all round functioning is the key to his success.

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