How to Win Big at Online Sportsbooks

Don’t you just love the feeling of having a winning week from your bets? I know I do but the question I see arise far too often is how do I become consistent? The simplest answer to that is that you have to stop treating it as a hobby, which just isn’t in the cards for the average gambler. But there are still some simple things you can do that the average gambler doesn’t in order to come out on top on a more regular basis.

When you’re dealing with the online sportsbooks the first thing you need to do to stack the odds in your favor is take advantage of all the bonuses. Don’t just stick to one sportsbook. Use two or three so you can take advantage of their initial deposit bonus as well as their recurring deposit bonuses. Some online sportsbooks even come out with special promos like free play games that allow you to win real money without any risk. Just with this little strategy the odds will shift more into favor with the click of a mouse.

The second strategy you need to apply is a bankroll strategy. The average gambler does not have any type of bankroll management strategy. In fact this is probably the number one reason you see some of those guys go thousands of dollars into debt to their bookie. A very basic strategy to implement starts with you determining what your bankroll amount is. The next step is to divide that amount by 20. That will give you 20 units to bet with instead of focusing on actual dollar amounts. The last step in this simple strategy is to place a given amount of units on a game based on the strength of the pick. Also, never place more units on a game just to make up for a prior loss. That strategy never works and will vaporize your bankroll.

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