Submarine Controlled UAVs

Iran has model airplane UAVs to be launched from rusty attack smelly diesel powered 6-person submarines. These subs can stay completely submerged for well over 31.6-minutes at a time on their batteries, thus, running ultra-silent. We better be scared says the Iranian leadership.

Indeed, there was a very interesting article recently on World Affairs Board Forum, which is a Geo-political Discussion Forum. The title of this interesting piece was Iranian Army to Build Submarine Controlled UAVs, which summarized a Tehran Times article on June 16, 2010. It explained how Submarine Leadership submarine controlled UAVs with bombing capabilities were being built, flown, and tested.

Only one ridiculous thing about all this PR scare tactics by the Iranians, and that is if a UAV is spotted, then we know a submarine is nearby, thus, it’s given away its position and that asset will soon be toast. You must remember our sonar capability in the US is second to none, we can hear vessels half way across the Atlantic Ocean and even a quiet running sub, running silent under battery power is as good as caught if you know the general area to look for it, it can’t hide at that point.

Now then the Iranian Military calls their new UAV has so-called; “radar evading technologies,” but that’s pretty much more public relations nonsense. If they use this scheme, they will lose their little sub, which can supposedly launch this unit sub surface, where it floats to the top and flies away!

Really, that’s no big deal and even a floating model aircraft could be made to do this, even leave a relay device on the surface as it is flies off to remain in contact with its submarine platform “command and control” coordinator. Now then this little UAV will fly up to give away the position of an enemy ship and relay that information to the submarine right?

Big deal, all that does is put out an electronic signature to strike the sub, all of which will take less than a minute or so. It’s a really dumb idea, and I’d like to add if this is the best the Iranian Scientists can come up with, there is no way the Iranians can maintain their current posture of antagonistic political impasse and survive. Indeed, I feel bad for the Iranians, because we have High School robotics classes that can design something like this over the weekend and they wouldn’t even win their local school’s science fair contests.

Is this what Iran is basing its technologically advanced submarine force on? A hand full of 6-man strike diesel powered submarines and some model airplanes? Ouch! If I were Kuwait, I wouldn’t worry about the Iranian spy cell there, they could take back the schematics to the Patriot Missile battery system, and their scientists wouldn’t understand how to build it anyway.

If things get any worse or any more scientists defect away from Ahmendinejad’s regime, I am going to send him a LegoLand set-up with an airport and a hanger with F-14 toys to play with. Who knows, maybe he can fly those around his office, making jet sounds as he goes?



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