Home Wind Turbine Advantages and Applications

Eco-friendliness and cost-efficiency are two MAJOR benefits of owning a home wind turbine. As these turbines harness the natural power of the wind, the absence of any chemical gasses is a WONDERFUL thing about these power-generating devices, making our Earth a much cleaner play to live.

The home wind turbine performs it’s job of creating electricity by channeling wind into generator. From atop a tall tower, three large “fan” blades attach to a rotor, which turns to power the generator. Much like a weather vain, the rotor of this turbine is equipped with a tail-fin to continually position it in the direction of the wind.

Commonly, the generator is a electric motor. This motor has coils which circle around powerful magnets, thereby creating a charge of electricity. Power cells (think giant rechargeable batteries) accumulates energy which is then transformed into electricity by an inverter to be utilized throughout your residency. Home wind turbine are a favorite in the world of alternative power-generating devices due to vast improvements in their superior motor technology.

The overall height of your system will be contingent on wind conditions in your region. In areas with light to moderate winds, a very tall structure is needed. If the area  giso you live in is prone to high winds, such as on the coast, the structure does not have to be as tall.

Since their early introduction, the blade configuration and material has progressed significantly over the years. Now, more durable, lightweight blades make for a much more efficient wind turbine, even in light winds. Mimicking the appearance of an old windmill water pump, early wind turbine models were a five-blade design. Modern technology teaches us, however, that the aerodynamic three-blade design, like that of an airplane propeller, is a far more efficient shape. As the sizes of the structures themselves differ, so is true of the blades, also depending on wind conditions. Another factor is your electrical needs. Do-it-yourself kits are even available to construct one of this system at home.

Here are the advantages of owning a wind turbine.

1. You’ll get certain tax exceptions. You’re electric bill will drop.

2. You can “feed” your household electronic devices, supply water pumps, and charge batteries.

3. This system is a GREAT friend to the Earth!

4. Always have electricity, even when the power goes out.

5. Become more self-sufficient with your energy sources.


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