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There are a few things which can be called quintessentially Hyderabadi and of those is the Irani chai. In fact, it is so popular that even film songs have a mention of it.

Tea cafes became a part of the Indian culture when Persian traders visited the country. The Irani Chai that came with it is known to be a great blend of brewed tea leaves, boiled milk and sweetened condensed milk. MetroMela therefore thought that we ought to let you know more about this thick and creamy concoction.

This kind of tea is available at small and old cafes and is usually served with tempting sweet and salty Osmania biscuits. And the price surprisingly still ranges from Rs. 2.5 to Rs. 5 per cup. Do not forget to ask for the Khade Chammach ki chai if you have a sweet tooth. It is so named because the cup has so much sugar that the spoon stands upright when inserted to mix!

So here is your handy list.

Hotel Shadab and Nayaab Shop No. 21-1-140, High Court Road, Hyderabad – 500002. Tel – 040-24561648, 24565949

This is the place which serves great Biryani and has one of the best and most authentic Irani chai and Osmania biscuits available. One of the quirkiest rules at this place is that they have a film irani strict policy against providing an extra cup.

Alpha Hotel Opp Railway Station, S D Road, Secunderabad – 500003. Tel – 040-66495582

Here they prepare over 3,000 pots of tea a day, which speaks volumes about their popularity. In fact, its location ensures that travellers stepping out of the railway station drop in for a taste of Hyderabad.

Garden Restaurant # 38, Sarojini Devi Road, Opp. Clock Tower, Secunderabad – 500003. Tel – 040-27804074, 66337755

This is for the lovers of art. The chai here is best served with Lukhmi (a unique biscuit with meat inside) and is known to be the famous artist MF Hussain’s favorite cup of tea. So much so that whenever he visits the city he makes sure that he personally goes there to sit and enjoy his cuppa. The place has its own charm as it has seen Hyderabad grow up from a sleepy town to a Cyber City.

Paradise Restaurant Paradise Circle, Secunderabad – 500003. Tel – 040-27843115

The chai here may be best described as milky, with a bit of masala and brewed in aluminum kettles. Like its famed Biryani, the chai here is also pretty popular amongst many localites.

So drop in at these places, and slurp your hot chai the Hyderabadi way – right from the saucer!



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