4 Easy Steps to Creating Your Own Profitable Mailing List

Do you find yourself wondering how you can possibly create your own mailing list that will actually be profitable? You may even be even be envying some online marketers who have huge lists and seem to be raking in all the cash.

I once thought you had to actually build a huge list to make any profit at all, but after building my first small list of subscribers, I soon discovered that you don’t have to wait until you have thousands on your list to start earning income.

You may be wondering, “Do I really¬† your trusted directory¬†need a mailing list?”

Offering your own newsletter or some type of free membership at your site will give you the opportunity to collect leads by placing a form on your site for interested visitors to insert their names and email addresses. Let’s face it, you rarely get the sale the first time a visitor comes to your site. How can you improve your chances of getting that visitor back to your site or getting them more interested in your product or service? The answer is simply by offering them a reason to allow you to contact them in the future through email.

Here’s four easy steps to start creating your own profitable mailing list…

1. Determine Who Your Target Market is Going to Be

The biggest mistake is not knowing “who” you’re targeting for your marketing campaign. Building a list of thousands of subscribers who are interested in baby items when you want to sell products for the elderly certainly isn’t going to produce much profit at all.

You’ll have quite the opposite affect when building a small, well-targeted list of interested subscribers who specifically have a need for elderly products. Once you’ve determine exactly who your target market will be, you will find that your mailing list indeed is becoming profitable long before your reach your first thousand subscribers.

2. Create the Best Possible Content

This step is pure common sense, but many internet marketers become quite money hungry and soon forget that their site visitors and subscribers are seeking quality information. Entice your visitors with great tips and articles that will actually help them. It’s not too hard to convince your site visitors to subscribe to your newsletter once they’ve had a taste of the quality information you’ve provided on your blog or website.

Once they subscribe, don’t jeopardize your trust by sending them tons of promotional emails. Keep promotion to a minimum and always make sure you’ve kept your word. If you’ve promised to only email a specific amount of times per month then stick to your word.

3. Give Away a FREE Report and Over Deliver

As you probably know giving something free is the most common way to build your list. But, you can make even happier subscribers by over delivering. Tack on an extra bonus or an unexpected surprise or discount. Step your foot in the door by making a first good impression. As an added tip, your free report should certainly entice the interest of your target market. Don’t offer a free report on losing weight if you’re targeting WAHMs who want to make money online.

4. Generate Some Targeted Traffic

Now this step often stumps many newbie marketers. They build their sites and set up everything and wait for the results. Soon, they discover there are no results because there are no visitors. Truthfully, it’s not that complicated. To make profit one MUST have traffic. Your goal will be to gain exposure that will bring “targeted” traffic to your site. As a start, join groups or forums that are interested in your niche and get involved in their communities. Don’t bombard them with ads, but rather, be genuine and helpful.

There are numerous ways to market online with a very low budget. I suggested low budget because starting out you usually have limited funds. If this is your case, start off learning some basic internet marketing tactics. You’ll find article marketing, forum marketing, social network marketing, directory submissions and many other free advertising solutions available online.



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