Phlebotomy Career Training Is Now Considered One of the Top Careers!

Very few people have heard, let alone come to know what the term phlebotomy means, but it is actually something we have all taken part in, with someone we have come to unconsciously dislike. A phlebotomist is actually a healthcare professional who is in charge of drawing blood at hospitals, doctor’s offices or urgent care centers. This person is in charge of making sure that the proper amount of blood is drawn from the patient and that the blood is carefully and safely labeled in order to ensure that confusions are not found. Whether you have gone to a yearly check up, or have donated blood at a local blood bank, you have come across this health care professional one way or the other.

Considering phlebotomy career training can mean many different things that could either make or break many of your career decisions, but Forbes500 has considered phlebotomy to be in the top 500 careers of the decade. Not only because of all the benefits that come with the job, but also because of the rapidly increasing demand in the field. A phlebotomist will spend most of his or her time working in a health care inspired setting, whether it is a hospital or cosmetic surgery clinic.

This career requires very practical training that can be done in vocational or technical schools along with community colleges that offer anatomy courses or clinical experience. Once you have completed your phlebotomy course, you can begin applying for jobs at diagnostic centers, hospitals, or even blood banks! If working with people and helping them feel better is something that you enjoy, but spending many years in school to work in such a setting is really unappealing to you, then phlebotomy might just be the best choice to make!

Phlebotomists have very rewarding jobs, even if it seems a bit reprehensible at first by younger children. Similar to the dentist, not many people love their phlebotomist, but without them, these patients could become terminally ill without knowing what is going on with their health. Phlebotomy is also considered to be one of the jobs with the highest and fastest growing demand rates in the nation, with close to 27% increase in the next ten years. This means that 27,100 new employment opportunities will be taken by 2020! Although a phlebotomist is not a doctor, becoming one can open many doors into the medical field such as nursing or medical programs and is definitely worth considering.

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