The Amateur Golfer’s Handicap System Explained

Amateur golfers use a handicap approach, which registers the total of strokes over par a golf player shoots normally on average. For instance, a golfer with a handicap of 2 would shoot a 72 on average on a golf course with a par of 70. This evens the playing field amongst golfers with variable talent levels.

Golf is a extraordinary sport in that players can contend on a level playing field, whatever their ability, appreciation to the golf handicap method.

In nearly all cases, you will want to join an official club or accepted handicapping plan in order to get a prescribed golf handicap so you can represent yourself in competitions.

In the UK, the maximum handicap for men is twenty eight and the uttermost for women is thirty six. The type of competition determines the number of shots that a player will yield or obtain during a competition.

The (CONGU) Council of national Golf Unions prepare the handicapping system in the UK, and they create the following recommendations for handicap allowances.

Nevertheless, these are just recommendations and independent clubs or events may practice their own individual rules. In almost all cases, differences are rounded up to the closest round number.

Match Play

Before starting a match in a handicap competition, the players need to specify from one another their various handicaps. If a player begins a match having stated a handicap wisegolfers higher than that to which he is entitled and this affects the number of strokes given or received, he is disqualified other wise, the player must play off the declared handicap.

Stroke Play

In any round of a competition, the contender must ensure that the players handicap is marked on the score card before it is returned to the committee. If a handicap is not recorded on the players score card before it is returned, or if the documented handicap is higher than that to which the player is merits and this affects the number of strokes received, the player will be disqualified from the handicap competition otherwise the score stands. It is the player’s responsibility to know the holes at which handicap strokes are to be given or received.

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